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Written by Hisham Qaddoumi   
Friday, 10 April 2009 01:22

Nothing but the TruthA Personal View

What draws the line between the freedom to tell the truth and the being accused by supporting terrorism accidentally? Since 9/11 many people are suffering from what everybody likes to call: “A threat to the national security”. They can take you from your home, your family, your life and even yourself in the name of protecting national security. That’s what happened to Rachel Armstrong when she revealed a secret that was meant to be good for the sake of national security.

A story you can hear mostly daily about innocent people behind bars, completely clueless for what sin the have been taken. People who hear one word for years: “You are a threat to our national security, that’s why you are here”. And the story goes on, and the tragedy keeps on repeating itself again and again and again.

The Story

Rachel Armstrong is an ambitious reporter who discovers that her neighbor, also mother of a girl in her son’s class, is a secret CIA agent who reported an assassination threat for the President of the United States.  A report that was ignored by the CIA and the president almost killed. Armstrong publishes her story in the newspaper though the alleged agent refused to talk to her confirming or denying.

At this moment Rachel’s life starts to go upside down, all along with the CIA agent “Erica Van Doren” who now fights to protect her reputation in the CIA and keep her descent life as a suburban dedicated mother. The special prosecutor Patton Dubois, played by Matt Dillon, is the agent who is assigned by the government to force Armstrong to reveal her source. As she goes more and more insisting on not revealing her source, Dubois succeeds to convince the judge to hold Rachel in a state prison till she reveals her source. Her lawyer pushes her to reveal her source, her husband using their son and the lawyer of the magazine she works for who also got involved as well. Well she reveal her source in the end especially when she knows that her husband is going out with another woman, and her son is angry and blames her for leaving him?

The Complex

There are many complexes on different levels in this movie, the major one is the problem of protecting your source from being revealed. That says, your constitutional right to keep your source discreet, which is being bluntly violated by the court, the law which was supposed to protect her rights is against her.

The other major complex is Erica, the other woman whose life was totally going down because of something she did not do. She thought she was protecting the national security by working in CIA and reporting the assassin threat, and now she herself is a victim of the national security. Not just her career but her whole life as wife, mother and an active person in her society. All because a ambitious reporter wanted to go big and found her way through uncovering Erica’s biggest secret.

The Ending

The movie ends in a way that you really do not expect. No justice but fair. The new about this ending is that when you think that the end is nigh, and everything went to the final situation, things comes upside down, like everything in the storyline, and the ending goes where you did not expect.

You have to watch this movie because it tells you something, but the ending tells you the big wisdom, maybe we are martyrs of injustice but we might not be also innocent. We have to think about what we do before ruining somebody’s life.

The Making

Like any movie of this type we see a lot of complications at once, many hard breathing moments and a lot of deep thinking after. While you watch this movie you will notice how things go really just as if you are living the moment. No big visual effects, no big show-off stuff, just the plain truth as if the director wants to show you “nothing but the truth” in the making itself. Do not expect a lot of amusement but a lot of thinking and waiting.

The cast took a real place in making the movie as Kate Beckinsale was amazing doing Rachel Armstrong. I also liked the role of Matt Dillon as Dubois. I saw Matt in many movies playing the “asshole” brilliantly, but this one was the biggest asshole role I ever saw him play. He really lets you hate him and you really do till you think you hate the actor as well. I believe both have led to love and hate, compassion and disguise in a way that will amaze you. All in all, it is a movie that worth every moment watching.

Movie Info

Director: Rod Lurie
Writer (WGA): Rod Lurie (written by)
Genre: Drama | Thriller
Release Date: December 19, 2008 (USA)
Rating: Rated R for language, some sexual material and a scene of violence.
Runtime: 108 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Sound Mix: DTS | Dolby Digital | SDDS
Filming Locations: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Company: Battleplan Productions
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DVD Info

Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Vera Farmiga
Format: AC-3, Color, Dolby, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC
Region: Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
Number of discs: 1
Rating: R (Restricted)
Studio: Sony Pictures
DVD Release Date: April 28, 2009
Run Time: 107 minutes
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