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Written by Hisham Qaddoumi   
Thursday, 25 June 2009 01:22

The ProposalA Personal View

A big laugh in every scene, that is what you will get watching this really funny movie. Sandra Bullock could not have a better comeback like this; she and Ryan Reynolds were the absolute funny couple you might ever think about.

I believe this is the perfect movie to watch with your life partner, it gives you many flashbacks of how any relationship started through a very bizarre relationship between these two “Andrew” and “Margaret”. The assistant male who works for a fascist editor female. Despite the reality Sandra Bullock is the Canadian one and Reynolds is the American. Really typical fun to know that in reality the truth is vice versa.

The Story

“Andrew” works as an assistant to “Margaret”. An active, hardworking and ambitious female editor; who is not married, not in a relationship and really tough to everybody else. She fires “Bob”; the lazy editor who could not complete a task she gave him. She finds herself few moments later in a shocking state when the manager s call for her in their office to tell her that her visa application was refused and she is being “deported”. The moment she fails with every possible way to convince the management that something must be done; Andrew –whom she asked to call her in 10 minutes pretending something came up – walks in and the big idea comes up to her mind.

“We Are Getting Married”. Yes, she and Andrew are having a secret love relationship for six months and they are getting married. Andrew who is in state of shock follows her to her office for explanation. Now he is in situation to choose between two choices: either to marry her and keep his job or let her leave that Bob will take her place and fire him immediately. Andrew goes with option one. Now they have to convince the immigration officer that they are really in a serious relationship. The other surprise comes when Margaret declares that they would tell Andrew’s parents about their wedding plans this weekend when they go to celebrate Andrew’s grandma’s 90th birthday at his parents’ house in “Alaska”.

“Meet The Parents” story goes on again. Margaret now is to be the perfect love and future wife to Andrew’s family who are all – except his father – are welcoming Margaret as a new member of the family. They were working on creating the perfect answers to handle with the immigration department when they are coming back when the parents come with a bigger surprise. A wedding party “tomorrow” in Andrew’s parents house. This was not planned at all, but they have to do it because this was the aim of their plan anyway.

The Complex

How do you marry someone who you do not even like? Some one finds pleasure in torturing and smothering you all day long. And where? In your parents’ house where your father is the last one you want to celebrate with. This is the biggest complex in the movie.

Another complex is when Margaret realizes how uneasy is marry Andrew after she knew his family. The guilt fells her with this feeling of being so conniving and wicked. She is now confused more than anytime in her life that she wants to do this anymore. The same time Andrew starts to know her closely and knows that she is not as evil as he always thought, she is just being tough like her life always was.

The Ending

Typically this kind of movies will end all the same way, happily and as expected. This one ends happily but not as expected. The scenes that run through the end credits give a lot of way that you can end the movie by your own imaginational choice. The thing about the ending of this movie is that it leads you through a human experiment of agree and disagree, love and personal benefit and the value of the family. You see people like Margaret – whom Bob called a “poisonous bitch” when she fired him – through a different mirror. This will all give you a hidden message that we are not always the way we seem to be.

The Making

I believe Anne Fletcher – the director – should work for National Geographic. The scenery of this movie was fantastic as if it was made for a National Geographic documentary. The clever directing that makes you think it was filmed in Alaska while no scene was actually filmed there.

You will also like something about the making is that every detail is been taking care of. The places, the people, the conversations and the Grandma that would be really an entertaining point in this movie all the way long. All in all I believe I did not see a really funny and thoughtful romantic comedy like this in years. The point is: you should really watch it.

Movie Info

Director: Anne Fletcher
Writer: Pete Chiarelli
Release Date: 19 June 2009 (USA)
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Rating: Rated PG-13 for sexual content, nudity and language.
Runtime: 108 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Sound Mix:DTS | Dolby Digital | SDDS
Filming Locations: 225 Franklin Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Company: Kurtzman/Orci
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